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it approaches...

Hey All...

Recently joined the community... Anyways, getting super keen for the falls. Ended up missing out on tickets but bought some on ebay (at ridiculous prices but I guess that's what you get for not being organised). Probably shows how much I really want to go this year though. Last year was awesome. Hope the time can be repeated. Preying for good weather.

Trying to build a list of essentials to take... let me know what you think?!

* Tent
* Water
* Food
* Protection (and lots of it!!)
* Cash
* Music
* Sunscreen
* Hat
* Waterproof Coat
* Warm Clothing
* a frisbee, cricket set, footy, games and stuff???
* Walkie Talkies as mobile reception is basically zippo
* Tarpaulin
* Picnic Rug
* Camp Chairs and Table
* Cuttlery and bowls, plates etc
* Ear Plugs (for sleepin?)
* Air Mattress
* Sleeping stuff
* Sunnies
* smuggled achohol (the thing is how do we smuggle it in??? and ideas?)
* Torch
* 12 Volt Air compressor to blow up air mattress cuz blowing it up manually sucks ass
* Esky(s) full of ice
* A camera, definately don't forget to take that
* Panadol or Nurofen (just in case)
* Some bandaids
* Aeroguard or equivalent mozzie repelant
* A big smile! haha ok... running low on ideas... check over the list and let me know if I should add anything?!
(Stuff added: Edit 1 Thanks to evildoive!!
* Up & Go. Best ever for Falls breakfasts.
* Fruit
* Stuff to make sandwiches from.
* Giant bottle of water. Like, 20L or so. It's good if you want to skip the massive line for the
showers, you can just pour it on yourself and have a quick wash.
* Deoderant. Obvious.
(Stuff added: Edit 2)
* Extra tent pegs
* A Mallet to hammer in said tent pegs
* Wet Wipes (they were really handy last year as I recall... refreshing and easy to remove dust from
your hands and face)
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