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Hey there I know I have already posted before asking who was going to Falls but I have a question. Who is on people's wishlist to play at the festival (I don't care if its a dream, I just want to know who everyone wants to see) My list is:
The Waifs
Xavier Rudd (So my friend Laura will go)
Something For Kate
Basement Jaxx
Eskimo Joe
Tori Amos
Paul Mac
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I would like...

JBT (who is already playing anyway) coz they create an awesome atmosphere when they're live.
Magic Dirt coz they're fun.
I think the X (Rudd) man will probably be playing Falls again.
Frenzal Rhomb.
Veruca Salt need to come to Australia again! They rock SO HARD.
theGOset were quite awesome last year, and have now written some really catchy tunes, so I wouldn't mind seeing them again.
The Casanovas.
Somehow Def FX should magically re-form and play there.
If we could go back in time and kidnap No Doubt from 1995, have them too.
The Darkness, coz they're funny.
Dr Octopus (awesome ska band from Brisbane).
Grinspoon coz they were great last time they played.
So were Machine Gun Fellatio, so have them back too.
The Vandals!
No Ozomatli, I'm goddamn sick of them.

xavier rudd will definatley be showing up this year, he's managed by the falls people.

the waifs played last year (at sunset), they were amazing.
Yeah i agree that The Darkness, Magic Dirt and Machine Gun Fellatio would be fun. Plus garbage would rock the place. Good to know Xavier is playing, who else is managed by the falls people. I have my fingers cross for The Waifs, that would have been awesome seeing The Waifs sing at sunset.